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March 21, 2010

Mitchell Rabin: A Note for Obama on Health Care

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To: David Axelrod, Senior Advisor to President Obama
Re: In response to an email soliciting our support for the “Healthcare Legislation”, so to do “what’s right”, and my idea of ‘right’ is very different than theirs, so it ‘got my goat’ and this is my mild response…


Dear David,


Since when does doing “what’s right” include abrogating an American’s right to choose whether to have health insurance or not? Here is a law requiring all Americans to have health insurance, even when many of us don’t want to. Millions feel this way. Yet this “great” bill forces us to. Are you sure the insurance industry didn’t write this bill?

This is opening a big, big subject, and due to the interconnectedness of all things, unpacking the ‘healthcare’ issue, also opens up the Big Pharma issue, the Agri-business issue, the chemical industry issue, the military-industrial complex issue, the media issue, the education issue, the tax issues, foreign policy and domestic policy issues, rights issues, and, what have I left out? In short, jamming this abysmal, corrupted piece of legislation down our, until now, sovereign throats due to our Constitution, is opening up a series of water leaks that I don’t think you really want opened, not now! Or do you? Because they will be opening in short order.

I appreciate what I believe is the higher intent of President Obama, to help Americans solve the health care crisis. But he sees it all as dollars, and not at all as self-responsibility. NOT AT ALL! And nor is there freedom of choice, the most fundamental aspect, or character, you talk about character, of American life. It’s gone. Now our government is going to compel us to have health insurance, even though the insurance industry is actually the largest obstacle to good and affordable health care. They are a mere broker, that’s it, and this bill further fuels and enriches them. And at our expense, as usual: actually, one of the original problems.

Tell me please, why is this good? What’s the good in it? This bill does not fix health care. It doesn’t begin to. NOT BEGIN. Because the approach is flawed in itself, and enveloped in political paybacks to the insurance industry. And you all in the White House think that we don’t see this. You are serving yourselves, not the American People. I know that a part of you wants to serve us, but at the end of the day, you’re not. You wouldn’t let single-payer voices show up at the table. It morphed into “Public Option”, and that got marginalized.

To understand health-care, you have to start asking questions from an entirely different place. You haven’t begun to approach that. You ask: “how much money is it going to cost and to whom? How can we pay for it with your money and have you thank us for how we’ve re-distributed your money for the good of all (we say, though it isn’t true), while we maintain our cozy relationships with the Insurance Industry which is much more powerful than we are.” The phrase, “Health care” is a bit bizarre in the first place, and doesn’t really mean much in itself. For thousands of years, people took care of themselves. We still do. Ourselves, our loved ones, we have herbs in the backyard, we have our own gardens, we know that good food, good water, good air, lots of love, healthy, loving thoughts, lots of physical touch, massage, affection are very healing, medicinal and often curative for most of what ails us. But if you continue to allow the air to be polluted, along with the water, the soil and on, we cannot use what Nature give us to be healthy. Then people resort to doctors, when the trouble really begins to mount, along with the expense. Everyone knows this, and most people would abide by this, if Insurance and Government wouldn’t interfere but empower us to do this simple self-care, which would reduce the cost of ‘healthcare’ by about 60% or more. In itself. And that is just the beginning of we could do for ourselves if “y’all” wouldn’t be interfering with us. You look at the ‘problem’ and define it in such a linear, narrowed way, you cannot see the multitude of solutions that abound, that cost close to nothing.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich wanted to preserve a state’s ‘ability to choose’ and even that this bill flushed out. What does this bill actually confer? A little handout to help us pay Blue Cross/Blue Shield more money? Great!! Don’t you see how feeble it is, and that Obama’s wish to appease Republicans and be bi-partisan doesn’t work? He is seeking paternal approval through his gaining Republican approval. It’s political suicide, and not psychologically satisfactory anyway. Let the Democrats learn a lesson from the Republicans. They run their party like a well-oiled corporation, or even more, a military brigade. Democrats can’t band together long enough to cook dinner, each one having his or her own menu and recipe.

And the money being spent to wage wars in the name of peace is the money that should be used right here, right now for real health care, with a plan for each person, each family, taking responsibility for their health through intelligent lifestyle choices in food, exercise, sleep, stress levels and family, personal/professional relations. Holistic, alternative, natural medicines need to be part and parcel of every household long before a visit to a doctor, clinic or hosptial. Then each of these need access and education about these vastly less expensive approaches. But that means you have to remove Big Pharma’s strangehold on medicine. Can you do that? Do you want to do that? Do you want to also regulate agri-business so that they cannot use GMO in our food supply? Or pesticides that destroy the soil and harm the plants? Or take chemicals, dyes and most preservatives out of food and reform the food industry? Every level of society, because of rampant, unbridled greed and lack of real regulation which is first self-regulation, not paid-for FDA regulation, and on, needs upgrade. It’s not just one item, it’s a systemic problem. And nobody really wants to blow the whistle on this. The entire edifice on which our economy is premised, which is taking undue advantage of the American People and making sure they remain quite ignorant and uneducated about what’s really going on, would be “challenged”. As well it should be. One little tug on the yarn, will unravel the ball, and what a yarn we would have…

In light of this, you see how this one piece of legislation is not really progress. It undermines basic Constitutional rights of freedom of choice. We don’t want to hear this. It brings the insurance industry in deeper, into the problem. Because they own Congress and The White House, and most Americans know this. Well that part of it that Goldman Sachs doesn’t own. I think you think that Americans don’t know this, but we assure you, we know a lot more than you realize about who’s been bought off by whom and why the legislation looks so bad relative to its original intent.

Drop it and go back to what Dennis Kucinich and Ralph Nader and a few others have been recommending all along: a single-payer based on systems that work in Germany, France and Scandinavia. Emphasize personal responsibility, learn about Total Biology and the German New Medicine, understand psycho-neuro-immunology and stop thinking just about money and business which you seem obsessed with. And sorrowful tales of people who can’t afford chemotherapy which studies show doesn’t work in the majority of cases anyway. No one has done their real due diligence here and are trading ignorances. Who on your staff has come to recognize the clinical value of the Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Linus Pauling’s work with vitamin C? Or Dr. Otto Warburg whose work back in 1931, earned him a Nobel Prize when having discovered that cancer cannot live in the presence of oxygen? These powerful therapies cost nothing. Which is why their intelligence is nowhere near built in to this bill. Only control, disclosure, Big Insurance, Big Pharma. Your administration knows virtually nothing about healthcare. Unless you’re hiding your knowledge and just playing politics with us. The closest thing to healthcare at the White House is Michelle’s garden and the acquisition of your daughter’s dog who makes everyone laugh and smile. Now you’re talking about a bill worth discussing: a garden and a puppy for every desiring American.

But nobody in the White House or Congress are looking at the real causes of disease, or the best treatments for them, or preventive measures of them. All you’re doing is legislating about money, and setting up more bureaucracy and violation of basic Constitutional rights/freedoms. This is a good plan? Of the 40 million who don’t have health insurance, a good percentage don’t want health insurance. And your fine bill will legally compel us? What’s “American” about that Mr. Axelrod? What’s ‘good’ about that? Why are you trying to ram this down Congress’ throats? You want a historic legislative star of achievement on your lapel?

This legislation is on par with the building of nuclear plants and calling them green energy. Double-speak and greenwash in the same phrase. If this passes, rather than being a feather in the cap of this Administration, it could be its undoing. And the undoing of America.

Think again. Something is not better than nothing. If you think this is so good, why not read the actual text? It’s scary.

Below is a letter from an M.D. who is so affronted by the terms of this healthcare bill, misnomer that it is, that I’ve included it below. For all that I may appreciate the good qualities and good intentions of President Obama, which I do, he has some frightful shortcomings and blind spots. For sure, he is not reading the American People’s wishes if this is the legislation he is so heavily lobbying for. He has seriously missed the boat. This letter is being sent to you, above and below, to help you as his senior advisor, receive some advice from some very thoughtful, experienced Americans who care deeply about the well-being of our people, and see a much more sensible way to go about solving this “healthcare” dilemma.

Thank you for your attention.
Mitchell J. Rabin


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