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March 31, 2010

Life’s Never-Ending Magic of Creation: We’re Doing It! 3/30/2010

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The truth be known, and I’ve said it before, born a hippie, always a hippie. My hair is shorter and I periodically wear a tie and jacket instead of “tye-dye”, but the heart and soul remain that of a human being who believes that we are here to serve the Higher Good, the Higher Truth & All Beauty. Yes, I am a professional in the fields of psychology, acupuncture and holistic health. I have several professional credentials which take me far beyond the long-haired, peace-loving, chi-cultivating, barefoot guy I was during my teens. But, the heart of love and wish for awakening of all beings remains in tact. Just the way it is.

Money is great, but never more important than humane values and stewardship of the Earth, our Mother. Let money be a servant of these, and there will be even greater prosperity for more people rather than disruption and degradation of life at the behest of the very few.

I swear, if we were to follow just this simple principle, “do well by doing good”, upholding human dignity, well-being,Happy and respect, our world would spin on a finer axis. The happiness quotient, as measured as a gross national happiness quotient in Bhutan right along with the economic indicators, is the direction America, and the rest of the Planet really wants to go in. If you haven’t seen the 60 Minutes segment on this filmed in Bhutan, you’ll certainly want to.

If we understood better the mechanisms which govern the way our lives manifest, we would, I daresay, change a thing or two about what thoughts we allow to dominate our minds, what feelings we allow to dominate our hearts, what actions we take with our hands, feet and bodies. When we learn how creative we truly are, and that we’re actually creating all the time, we’d become more deliberately conscious of ‘what in the world’ we are creating and literally, giving life to.

We can have peace if we were to so organize ourselves around it, in our minds, in our hearts, and then take the congruent actions to make it manifest first personally, then locally, and then in a larger-scale way. What stands in the way is largely the unruly, wild, unconscious, “untamed” as we say in Zen, “Way of the Monkey-Mind”. And we end up with a schoolhouse full of monkeys instead of dignified, self-expressing, responsible humans. Peace is an attitude, a way of being, not an agreement or treaty to enforce or legislate. Enforcing peace is an oxymoron. “You Vill have Peace!”

This week, tune in today to the Call-in Show which will be focusing on the Health-Care Bill, and also, that is, whatever any of you would like to talk about. And on Tuesday eve. at 10:30 pm on A Better World TV, do not miss Don Beck, teacher, consultant, foremost purveyor of Spiral Dynamics. Funny, dynamic (as you’d imagine) and so skilled in applying this perspective of human evolution and social memes/developmental classification to real-world contexts, such as South Africa, Israel-Palestine, and many others. Then, on Wed. at 6pm EST, back on radio, is my guest, the one and only Sean David Morton (right). Intelligent as he is funny, informed as he is wildly intuitive, Sean is always a pleasure to sit and “schmooz” with because his knowledge base about so many things is so far-ranging and interesting, not to mention often quite useful to know. Sean and I met originally in the early 1990’s at Mark Becker’s NewLife Expo and I had him on the TV show back then. It’s way overdue to have him on again.

Keep creating, and for the good. Much anger is flying around these days as people are ‘rocking and rolling’ from the Doncosmic rays entering our planet, increasing not first the happiness quotient but “the love quotient”, which dislodges a lot of toxicity and confusion in the way. The toxicity looks like bigotry, prejudice, chaotic thinking, lack of groundedness, quickness to flare up, high reactivity about ‘who knows what’. Don’t take it personally, as Don Miguel Ruiz (left) thoughtfully reminds us. Stay in your body, deep in the center, the T’an-Tien, and send compassion and love. The madness too will pass. And by the way, while being grounded, be so “on high ground”.

And not least, we Jews, including Buddhist and Taoist Jews, are walking out of Egypt tonight. Wanna come? Nothing like a little re-enactment ritual of moving from slavery to freedom. So Good Pesach (Happy Passover), and happy travels to all of my brothers and sisters. Remember what’s past, but focus on what’s coming!

In May, we’ll have Level 1 of Total Biology/NLP, called Bio-Reprogramming, by in NYC, the weekend of May 23. Please join us this round! For info., go to: http://www.abetterworld.net/Events.

Or would you like to join Michael Winn, Mantak Chia and I climbing sacred mountains in China, on top of which we’ll do the ancient healing, balancing practices of Chi-Kung and Taoist meditation. If so, to to our Events link on the site and register soon. Love to have you on what will be a powerful journey and adventure!


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  1. The Hippies eventually merged into society, and in so doing, they moved the mass of society with fundamental shifts in values, philosophy, and healing. This is partly responsible for changes that we see in health care. An increase in Alternative Medicine (the use of esoteric methods in place of conventional health care) moved the main course of medicine to bring about Complimentary Medicine (the use of esoteric methods in addition to conventional heath care), which merged the widening practice of Integrated Healing (combining esoteric methods with conventional health care). As a result, new schools of thought now apply of variety of techniques to address old problems and reap better results.

    As we search into our souls and “do our own thing” let us remember to look around toward things greater and outside ourselves. Getting involved and working with others to change the main stream shows us that participatory democracy can move the heartbeat of our society, and that involves you and me. Start right where you are, care to make a difference, and use your passion on whatever you feel is important. You’ll find that what is here is elsewhere and there are many others just as you do. So instead of “dropping out” of society we can work together on becoming the change. It is the process of taking what was “far out” to “be here now” and make it “where its at,” and that’s pretty groovy man! That’s the process of realizing A Better World.

    Comment by K. David — June 30, 2010 @ 12:42 am

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