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July 13, 2010

The New HEB Program is Here!

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Mitchell J Rabin


The Harmonic Energetic Balancing Program
is Evolving to a Higher State of Consciousness!

A Better World has been a source of the Harmonic Energetic Balancing Program since 2002, serving not only the NY community but the country and world. We’ve had participants for the HEB Program all over the U.S. Europe and Australia. We’ve offered Energetic Balancing to the larger community since the HEB was first put together, then known as the UEB, or Universal Energetic Balancing Program. And now….we’re pleased to tell you that the HEB has made another quantum leap. It’s new version is called the "Harmonic Energetic Balancer"……

Harmonic Energetic Balancer is Here

Watch our Video to get re-acquainted with the caliber of what we’re offering and what You are involved with:

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Just last week, we have transferred the active member’s demographic data and today the photographs will be transferred (If you’re interested in updating your photo, please email them to Josh at harmonicbalancing@gmail.com. No it’s not necessary, but in light of our brand, spanking-new system, it would be aesthetic! Please be sure to be smiling!) And please, add a few new Affirmations for the new Balancer System.

Also, new Info. is Needed From You….

In the new HEB, there is a whole section involving sacred images which evolved in different religious traditions. As what the HEB really is is a modern-day Prayer Wheel, just as the Tibetans used in the early days. But of course, we ‘spin the language/prayers/affirmations with beautiful, sacred images using a computer’s hard drive. And information involving healing into a binary software language. It’s an incredible shift, an extraordinary evolution, that even H.H. Dalai Lama referenced when he commented that the computer can now be used in the place of the old Prayer Wheels. This is an extraordinary statement, and all of you have wisely availed yourself of this System.

Here is the Panel. If you would like to have the energy of this symbol–or several–interfacing with your energy field on a regular basis to help uplift your spirit and elevate your energy body, please indicate which one(s).

You’ll also notice that there are other images, such as parts of the human body, healing cards, gemstones and a series of images from Sacred Geometry. All are healing, all uplifting. If your body-mind does not need the frequency of the human-body image, it’ll pass right by. But if there is a stress potential that becomes evoked, the image will have a healing, balancing, resonating effect on that body part. If you are in pain, or know a part of you isn’t optimal, list it/them in the email to us (harmonicbalancing@gmail.com) and we’ll select it for you.

Also do same with any of the spiritual images listed below. They will then be part of your personalized profile on the new HEB Program.



Working Behind-the-Scenes for You!

I just want you to know that ‘behind-the-scenes’ we’ve been working to improve the quality of our Energetic Balancing Program and be able to offer you more of this intelligent means of keep you balanced, immune system resonating at a higher frequency and empowering you through releasing old garbage and ‘vibing’ you with new affirmations. Now we don’t only have an improvement to offer you, but a whole new Program. As said, it is a quantum leap beyond what we’ve had, so be attentive to any slight shifts in yourself, including a renewed level of detoxification, which is indeed possible if not likely!

In our interest to keep prices moderate, we have engaged this entirely new system but with no extra cost to you, with one exception: when we reduce the annual fee by $50., the base will now be not $350. but $400. We simply cannot go below this and stay in business. We have gone as far as we can! We have also put together a ‘couples’ package which we’ll announce in our next Newsletter.

Making Referrals

One way that you can control costs, is that anyone on the HEB who refers others who participate will receive three months of free service. That’s got a value of up to $150.

Send us your Testimonials, Old or New

One of the ways people can tell what they’re experiencing is when they take the time to reflect each night before going to bed, or upon awakening, and write down what they feel or sense. We highly encourage our participants to do this–it confers a greater sense of objectivity toward themselves/their own experience and helps them to enjoy the benefits of being on the Harmonic Energetic Balancer Program.

Upon doing this, won’t you please send us a line or two about your experience? This not only helps you, but also helps others. Among other things, it helps others to trust their own ability to detect and observe their own experience. Thank you!

These are just a few of the many testimonials we’ve received…

"The HEB Program has greatly improved the quality of my life. I have more energy and experience less in my very mentally and physically taxing job. My general overall health has increased and I have a new found feeling of well-being."

"The HEB Program has kept me healthy when all of my golfing friends have experienced the “flu bug.” I just seem to bounce back so much faster when I am under the weather. Being 74, it is great to have the program as my “secret weapon” knowing that it will keep me healthy in the later years of my life. "

"After suffering from Candida for 35 years, trying all the alternative methods, I could find only temporary relief now and then. This program took my sugar cravings away so completely that I can eat in a way that supports my returning health."

We welcome your participation. The more people who are able to have clearer energy fields are going to be healthier, happier and more empowered to be effective in all that they do.

Contact us at 212 420-0800 or at harmonicbalancing@gmail.com for a Request Form.


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