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January 3, 2011

Mitchell to be Interviewed by Monty Taylor for First Radio Show of 2011, 10 AM: On “Living Consciously”

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Monty Taylor - astrologer

Monty Taylor

Join us!
Mitchell Rabin on Monty Taylor's Radio Show,
“Living Consciously”
Monday morning, Jan. 3 at 10am EST

Dear Friends & Colleagues,
Jungian astrologer, historian, mythologist Monty Taylor asked me to be his guest on his maiden voyage of first radio show, called “Living Consciously” on Nov. 1, 2010.  I heard that many of you enjoyed it.
For the first show of 2011, I am honored to be Monty's guest again!  And you know how important times and special dates are to these astrologers, so I'm doubly honored.  I hope you can join us again.
Monty and I often talk about my work both as a counselor-coach-therapist using a series of modalities in my work, from NLP and Therapeutic Theater in couples counseling, to biofeedback (the LIFE System/HEB Program/Energy Medicine) to Stress Management and eco- and transpersonal, positive psychology.  I've been doing consultations for so many years and the work just continues to become more refined.  Additionally, much is done as well through, A Better World, such as the weekly radio & TV shows, writing blogs or editing my book projects (yes, between midnight and 1am!) and now supplying the U.N./NGO and Relief Agency community with different eco-friendly and nutritionally-based products and technologies to help in places like Haiti.  An extension of the personal healing work is the larger collective, educational and practical work A Better World is doing as well.
I am working on the building of A Better World Socially-Conscious Investment Fund, so we can help to facilitate changes world-wide by changing the values, the psychological attitude, tenor and ecological sustainability of the business paradigm, because the current one is pathological and leading to our collective demise.
I believe we'll be talking about the socially-conscious investment project I am referring to here, which links the wisdom of Spirit—Right Thought, Right Action, Right Livelihood—with the need to transform our business practices which have all but run us into the ground.  I am doing my part in what is broadly termed “The New Economics” which is a new undercurrent in society that is building momentum, a call to harmonious, common-sense sustainable and humane business practices throughout the business and human-interaction cycle.
The good news is that there are many of us, many, who are doing the work, slowly and surely, behind the scenes, to rebuild our world, to allow the wisdom of creation and the aliveness of enlightenment to guide our actions, in our social relationships—personal and professional, family and public—and in how we spend our money, be it for a bar of protein, a bar of gold or investing in a socially-conscious company.  We're here to make a difference in all aspects of our lives, and a prominent one these days is how we handle our finances—how to be guided by courage and wisdom in our effort to create a better world.  The courage and fortitude to forge ahead in is astrologically foretold as is the much-needed change in “business-as-usual”, so should make for an interesting dialogue between two colleagues and friends in today's show.
Tune in on www.TalkingAlternative.com at 10am EST, Monday, Jan. 3 to hear Monty and I in lively dialogue, designed to educate, uplift and inspire. And note that Monty's show is on every Monday at this time, and is a show you don't want to miss.
I hope you can join us! 
And remember that every Monday 6pm EST for my weekly call-in show at: www.abetterworld.net/tv and click on PRN icon/listen live. And Wednesday for the weekly Interview show.  This Wednesday will be the co-author, with Ram Das, of Love Here Now, Rameshwar Das, a near life-long student and friend of Ram Das.  Will Ram Das call in too?  We have yet to hear!
Blessings and wishing you all a very wonderful, profound New Year!
Mitchell J. Rabin, M.A., L.AC.
A Better World, Founder, President
A Better World Radio & TV Host, Producer
212 420-0800

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