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October 11, 2011

Founder of the Cetacean Nation & the floatation tank, Dr. John Lilly & Greenpeace and environmental activist Michael Bailey

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Tuesday, 10:30pm EST, October, 11, 2011: On tonight’s TV show, Mitchell interviews world-famous psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, author, founder of the Cetacean Nation & the floatation tank, Dr. John Lilly.

Known for his brilliant writing in books such as The Center of the Cyclone, Lilly  co-pioneered much of the exploration of consciousness of the ’60′s, from the use of LSD while in the float tank to sensory deprivation states to understanding cetacean communication.  Lilly was largely responsible for research into dolphin & whale communication and advocating for this family of cetaceans to be represented at the U.N. as its own sovereign nation.  This interview was conducted on location with Dr. Lilly in his home in Maui.

Michael-BaileyThe second half of today’s show is with Greenpeace and environmental activist Michael Bailey.  Michael was described as “one of the foremost eco-warriors of our time” according to Rex Wyler, a founding member of Greenpeace. He supervised the original Greenpeace flagship ‘Rainbow Warrior’ (Wikipedia).

Michael’s life neared a close a few times through his daring efforts to protect sealife, whales and dolphins in seas which were being fished by large corporate interests.  He also went to Kuwait after Saddam’s invasion to clean up land from the serious contamination that occurred from the invasion and ensuing military conflict.

A true, behind-the-scenes hero, always seeking to protect life and Earth with his own, Michael shares some stories of serious adventure with Mitchell in Dr. Lilly’s backyard.

Tune into these two fascinating interviews with two of the country’s great heroes.



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