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August 23, 2011

Yasuhiko Genku Kimura on A Better World TV, Tue. Aug. 23, 2011

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Tuesday, 10:30pm EST, August 23, 2011: Mitchell’s guest tonight is the internationally-known teacher and business consultant, Yasuhiko Genku Kimura. One time Zen monk in Japan, Yasuhiko has followed a most interesting trajectory of awakening into being an integral philosopher, has been interviewed by Ken Wilber on Integral Raw and is the author of several books. He is the founder of the magazine, Vision-in-Action. Yasuhiko delightfully and powerfully articulates the importance of thought and ideation as creative acts which we need to continue to learn how to initiate and originate, relying on our own authority rather than that that has been set up external to ourselves. Mitchell and Yasuhiko’s understandings of this and much else run strongly parallel so be prepared for a lively discussion between these two inspired beings.


June 8, 2011

Wake up Laughing with Swami Beyondananda at the Meta Center in NY – June 15, 2011

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Need a little laugh?  A Big Laugh? & a Lot of Insight from A Higher, Flying Carpet View, about what’s currently going on in the World?  And even some creative solutions?  Join us for this rare event of Swami Beyondananda in New York.  Join Mitchell Rabin of A Better World, Alan Steinfeld of New Realities & the MetaCenter for a very special evening.  Wednesday, June 15, 7pm at the MetaCenter.  Sign up & Reserve a Seat for you and a friend Now! www.metacenterny.com/calendar and go to Paypal link.


. . . : : : Special Event at the Meta Center in New York : : : . . .

April 22, 2011

LIVE from NYC Webcast – World Peace Earth Day – Fri. Apr. 22 at 7pm

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World Peace Earth Day

The 5th ANNUAL
Friday, April 22, 2011 ­ 7:00pm SHARP to ­ 10:00pm (Doors open 6:30)
META Center 214 W. 29TH St. 16th Floor (bet. 7th-8th Ave) in Manhattan
Advance Discounted Tickets:

Outside of NYC , please join us on the web: Global Live Streaming Webcast
April 22nd 7PM Eastern Time streaming LIVE Worldwide
Register for webcast now at

Dear Friends,

If you or your friends are in NYC on April 22nd, I hope you will join me at this beautiful Earth Day Celebration. I’m excited to be on the program with a wonderful array of special guests (see below). Seats are still available. To reserve your seats see below and go to www.WeTheWorld.org/apr22. For more info call 212 222-5432. I hope to see you there!

For those who are out of New York City, you can still join us live on the web from anywhere at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/fawpedc
Register for the webcast anytime before the event starts.

We hope you will join us in person or on the web Friday April 22nd. Please Invite your friends and spread the word!

Andrew Kaen – Founder of Planet Heart, Executive Producer
Rick Ulfik – Founder and Board Chair of We, The World
The WE Campaign – www.WE.net

PLANET HEART in Association with
We, The World, New Realities, Evolver, Green Bus Tour, Souldish, Modern Mystery School,
A Better World, Good News Broadcast, Heart River Center for Intuitive Healing,
Unitribe Productions, Sound Healing Network, All One Now, Show Business Weekly,
META Center New York, Peacetoys, Creative Women¹s Network, Healing Winds,
WBAI Pacifica Radio,
WE Campaign and 11 Days of Global Unity


The 5th ANNUAL

Friday, April 22, 2011 ­ 7:00pm SHARP ­ 10:00pm (Doors open 6:30)
META Center New York ­ 214 W. 29TH St. 16th Fl, NYC (bet. 7th-8th Ave)
For more info call 212 222-5432.

Celebrating Our Planet, Healing Our Heart

Admission: $20 Prepaid by Noon, Apr 21 / $25 at door / $15 Students & Seniors / Cash & Checks Only!

Proceeds of the event will go to Planet Heart, We, The World and Damascus Citizens for Sustainability to help further their missions of creating a peaceful, sustainable world.
Info & Registration: Call 212-222-5432 – Andrew Kaen, Executive Producer
Email: apr22@wetheworld.org | Website: www.wetheworld.org/apr22 and FACEBOOK

Come and be in UNITY with our planet and each other on this joyful occasion to honor, show gratitude and give love to our planet, dear Mother Earth, with special presenters. Join in CommUnity, hear inspirational messages, participate in meditation, enjoy sound healing and music to touch and open our hearts for an eclectic benefit for world peace!

We Are All One! May Peace Prevail on Earth! Friends Welcome!


Our Host, Alan Steinfeld of New Realities – Host & Producer – www.newrealities.com
Alan Steinfeld will also give an inspiring talk on 2012
Alokananda – Healer/ Teacher/Musician/Artist/Co-Founder, Unitribe Productions,
Srikala Roach – conscious hip-hop kirtan,
Sound Healing with Charlie Gonzalez (
www.greenbustour.com) & Jenny Electrik (www.dynastyelectric.net) &
Matt Robson – Brooklyn Raga Association,
Fidel Moreno Co-Director of Healing Winds and Founder of the White Eagle Sanctuary & Native American Trauma Healing Center,
Yoko – Spiritual Ambassador in the Modern Mystery School will conduct a ³Golden Pyramid of Peace² Meditation
Bill Sonic Fricke – Guide/Teacher in the Modern Mystery School,
Swami X – Mystic, Yogi,
http://rebelyogi.com/, http://meetup.com/758
DidgeProject with A. J. Block and Tyler Sussman,
Lisa Roma and the Poetic Notion Experience,
Raymond Norwood – Singer Songwriter “Water Back”
Talia Lugacy, Board Member, Damascus Citizens for Sustainability,
Lalie – Emmy Award Winning Producer and Singer Songwriter ³Mother Song²,

DON¹T MISS THIS SPECIAL EVENT! Celebrate our 5th Anniversary with us!

Tell your friends. Thank you!

April 21, 2011

Kogi Mama’s from Colombia meeting with the Native American Elders at Menla on the weekend of May 6-8, 2011

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Kogi Native American elders retreat
Dear Friends,

This is an invitation to be a part of a special gathering with the Kogi Mama’s from Colombia who are meeting with the Native American Elders at Menla on the weekend of May 6-8th (see notice attached). They will be sharing their ceremonies and dialogs related to the planet and the time that we are in. Please forward this invitation onto your e-mail lists. Thank you.

Find out more at: http://www.abetterworld.net/events/

April 9, 2011

Saturday night April 9th: Pyramids around the world with Dr. Semir Osmanagich

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Yesterday, Alan and I met and interviewed Dr. Semir Osmanagich, professor at University of Sarajevo, specialist in pyramids around the world, Mayan Studies and is credited with uncovering what appears to be the largest, most complex (inner chambers and vast tunnel system) and oldest pyramid in the world, and that’s not in Egypt, but in Bosnia. Our interviews will be aired most likely next month.

Semir is the youngest person to ever be invited to be a member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and produced a 12-episode documentary for Bosnian TV called Search for Lost Civilization. Samir’s work helps to overturn our understanding of history and humankind, since we see through archaeology and more, that it appears that we were a good deal more ‘advanced’ over 12,000 years ago than we are today…by the look of things, that assertion has some merit! And pyramids have been found in China, Canary Islands, Bolivia, as well as in Illinois.

I keep seeing how severely how today’s life/lifestyle has lost its connection to the past—we generally have so little sense of history and we seem to learn so little from it. So tonight is refreshing in that we can re-thread ourselves to a past that might be richer and more advanced than our present-day ‘civilization’ where war dominates instead of peace, where everything is privately-owned instead of systems and provisions for the public good. These ancient discoveries and apparent energy systems, inner and outer, could be a powerful learning for us today, not just in technology in matter but in generosity-of-spirit.

During the interview, I felt transported back in time and I must say, as much as I love our world, it was refreshing to leave it for a bit to ‘travel back in time’ to what may have been a more balanced, likely more sane and civil society. It was like going on vacation to our own rich ancestry.

Dr. Osmanagich is in NY on a rare occasion and if you are interested in understanding how a pyramid operates essentially as an energy-generator with potential application to today’s world and as an energy-generator for the human being’s mind-body-spirit, this talk this evening will probably capture your interest. It may be this evening that Peter Moon, who has been involved in the uncovering of an ancient Sphinx in Rumania, will be showing up too—at least he’s trying to.

For more, go to: www.samosmanagich.com and http://www.skybooksusa.com/books/pmoon.htm

January 3, 2011

Mitchell to be Interviewed by Monty Taylor for First Radio Show of 2011, 10 AM: On “Living Consciously”

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Monty Taylor - astrologer

Monty Taylor

Join us!
Mitchell Rabin on Monty Taylor's Radio Show,
“Living Consciously”
Monday morning, Jan. 3 at 10am EST

Dear Friends & Colleagues,
Jungian astrologer, historian, mythologist Monty Taylor asked me to be his guest on his maiden voyage of first radio show, called “Living Consciously” on Nov. 1, 2010.  I heard that many of you enjoyed it.
For the first show of 2011, I am honored to be Monty's guest again!  And you know how important times and special dates are to these astrologers, so I'm doubly honored.  I hope you can join us again.
Monty and I often talk about my work both as a counselor-coach-therapist using a series of modalities in my work, from NLP and Therapeutic Theater in couples counseling, to biofeedback (the LIFE System/HEB Program/Energy Medicine) to Stress Management and eco- and transpersonal, positive psychology.  I've been doing consultations for so many years and the work just continues to become more refined.  Additionally, much is done as well through, A Better World, such as the weekly radio & TV shows, writing blogs or editing my book projects (yes, between midnight and 1am!) and now supplying the U.N./NGO and Relief Agency community with different eco-friendly and nutritionally-based products and technologies to help in places like Haiti.  An extension of the personal healing work is the larger collective, educational and practical work A Better World is doing as well.
I am working on the building of A Better World Socially-Conscious Investment Fund, so we can help to facilitate changes world-wide by changing the values, the psychological attitude, tenor and ecological sustainability of the business paradigm, because the current one is pathological and leading to our collective demise.
I believe we'll be talking about the socially-conscious investment project I am referring to here, which links the wisdom of Spirit—Right Thought, Right Action, Right Livelihood—with the need to transform our business practices which have all but run us into the ground.  I am doing my part in what is broadly termed “The New Economics” which is a new undercurrent in society that is building momentum, a call to harmonious, common-sense sustainable and humane business practices throughout the business and human-interaction cycle.
The good news is that there are many of us, many, who are doing the work, slowly and surely, behind the scenes, to rebuild our world, to allow the wisdom of creation and the aliveness of enlightenment to guide our actions, in our social relationships—personal and professional, family and public—and in how we spend our money, be it for a bar of protein, a bar of gold or investing in a socially-conscious company.  We're here to make a difference in all aspects of our lives, and a prominent one these days is how we handle our finances—how to be guided by courage and wisdom in our effort to create a better world.  The courage and fortitude to forge ahead in is astrologically foretold as is the much-needed change in “business-as-usual”, so should make for an interesting dialogue between two colleagues and friends in today's show.
Tune in on www.TalkingAlternative.com at 10am EST, Monday, Jan. 3 to hear Monty and I in lively dialogue, designed to educate, uplift and inspire. And note that Monty's show is on every Monday at this time, and is a show you don't want to miss.
I hope you can join us! 
And remember that every Monday 6pm EST for my weekly call-in show at: www.abetterworld.net/tv and click on PRN icon/listen live. And Wednesday for the weekly Interview show.  This Wednesday will be the co-author, with Ram Das, of Love Here Now, Rameshwar Das, a near life-long student and friend of Ram Das.  Will Ram Das call in too?  We have yet to hear!
Blessings and wishing you all a very wonderful, profound New Year!
Mitchell J. Rabin, M.A., L.AC.
A Better World, Founder, President
A Better World Radio & TV Host, Producer
212 420-0800

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